Now that you have invested in microblading your brows, you need to properly take care of them. Proper aftercare is crucial to the outcome of your new brows, since aftercare compliance can make or break your final results.

Days 1-3- Once your brows have been microbladed, we will put a small amount of aftercare ointment on them before you leave our salon. You will then need to apply aftercare ointment 3 times daily. Gently dab your brows with freshly washed hands or a cotton swab. Do not rub off excess.
Days 4-10- If scabs appear and are too dry and itchy, do not scratch or pick! Apply A&D ointment to sooth the area.
DO NOT GET YOUR BROWS WET!  Water may absorb the pigment and create an uneven texture.  We cannot stress enough how important this is.  Simply apply A&D ointment to your brows before showering or washing your face.  You may also want to cover your brows with Saran wrap when you shower.
Avoid sweating for up to 10 days post procedure.  Sorry guys, this is for your own good.  Excessive sweating may cause pigment loss which will result in an uneven texture.
Avoid the sun and tanning beds for up to 10 days after microblading.  Once brows are completely healed, you can apply sunblock  to the area to ensure longer lasting resluts.
No makeup to creams on the  brow area. You need to keep your brow area as clean as possible.
Below are some important things to remember while your brows are healing:
*use a fresh pillow case
*Do not pick, rub or scratch your brows as they are healing.
*no facials, botox, chemical treatments or microdermabrasion for 2 weeks
*avoid direct sun or tanning beds
*avoid heavy sweating
*avoid sleeping on your face for 10 days
*avoid swimming, lakes, hot tubs for the first 10 days
*avoid makeup in the brow area
Following these simple microblading aftercare steps will ensure the highest quality healing of your eyebrows and will limit any complications during healing.
If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us!