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hard wax provides a better, more thorough waxOur waxing salon has revolutionized the way waxing is done with hard wax. We use a special hard wax from Europe that “shrink wraps” the hair for easy removal and sticks to the hair instead of the skin. Here are just a few key reasons why hard wax is the right option the next time you want to wax your legs or bikini area:

  1. Hard wax sticks to the hair—As mentioned above, one of the biggest benefits of hard wax is that it sticks to your hair instead of your skin. As a result, it’s the only material we need to complete your wax, making for easy removal.
  2. Hard wax makes for an easier waxing experience—Since hard wax doesn’t stick to the skin, this results in a waxing experience that’s less painful than the traditional approach. This also means that you won’t experience rashes, cuts, or irritation to your skin following your waxing appointment.
  3. Hard wax provides a better wax—When it comes down to it, hard wax provides a better, more thorough wax. It can also be added to the same area twice in a singular waxing session, so if a few hairs are missed, we can go back and reapply to ensure your skin is completely hair-free.
  4. Hard wax doesn’t distort your hair follicles—One of the unique benefits of hard wax is that it can remove hair from any angle. As a result, you won’t have to worry about your hair growing back in different, odd directions.