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Get 20% Off Bikini Waxing in November!

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20% off Biking Waxing in November

WAXmd wants to help you maintain your smooth skin all year round. This is why, for the month of November, we’re offering 20% off all our bikini waxing services, including the bikini line, bikini full, Brazilian, and manzilian.

All Bikini Waxing Services are 20% Off!*
As if a smooth wax wasn’t enough for you to take advantage of this special, here are a few great reasons to keep waxing throughout the winter:

  • If you stop waxing during the winter, you stop the progress of removing hair through waxing.
  • Waxing provides your skin with many benefits during the dry, cold winter months.
  • The more often you wax, the less painful it becomes, so keep waxing!
  • There’s nothing like the confidence that comes from having silky-smooth, freshly-waxed skin.

“Ashley at WAXmd is absolutely amazing at what she does! She makes you feel comfortable and calm even when you are nervous. I would totally recommend WAXmd!”

–Lauren B.

Don’t stop waxing this winter! Book your bikini waxing appointment in November and we’ll give you 20% off.

* Not valid on waxing packages.

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